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Monday, June 20, 2011

Cosplay: The Series (Episode 9 review)

Episode 9 marks the ending of season One and imho, one of the weirdest episode! In this episode, the headmistress Kartini is re-introduced as, you would never guess...a cosplayer!! Like whhhhhuuuttt?!


The story begins with a glimpse into the past of the club leader, Vincent and their arch nemesis, Sukma. Which then paths way for the appearance of Nina the mysterious girl. Nina is back in town to recruit her childhood friends and she  confronts Rain aka Q-Cosushinkai’s headmistress Kartini about the peril the Organisation is facing (told you it’s weird xD) !!


The story then pans over to an over-the-top original cosplay with explosive effects and the full KKK cult setting. Which begs the question, what exactly is this secret organisation and what is their motive?

Episode 9 ends the season on an extremely high note with a major cliff hanger that baits a more exciting Season 2! Tell me you're excited too xD

Being the season finale, I am pretty pleased with episode 9. I love the sudden introduction of suspense and would love to see how CTS rolls the story out! Nothing like a script that gets your heart racing! And guys I'm serious about getting feedbacks for season 2. I understand Season 2's production are still underway and you never know, your suggestions might just appear in the next season! So comment away!!


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